You ARE Nature.

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Humans are a part of nature. Seeing so many posts about how the pandemic is good for nature, YOU ARE NATURE YOU IDIOT. One of the reasons we’re in this mess is thinking we’re somehow above or apart from everything else on this earth. Linking global shutdown in the face of a pandemic to what we need to do to prevent climate chaos isn’t particularly helpful. By all means share the clean, clear waters of Venice, the breathable air in China (which some experts reckon has saved 50,000 lives usually lost to pollution related respiratory issues) and spread the love for spending more time in nature. BUT don’t equate this time of worry, stress and anxiety, drastic life changes and death with what the climate crisis requires. That’s what we’re trying to avoid for millions of people by addressing emissions now. We don’t have to stop living our lives to fix a broken planet, we’ll still enjoy the best things (which as Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson told us are free anyway) in fact systems change is going to require face to face, hand shaking, high fiving, community gathering, people holding spaces. There will be beers. So go outside and get your hands dirty (you’ll be washing them anyway) and appreciate the quiet and the clean air, but don’t post about how this is ‘nature’s way’ of redressing the balance because, once again and louder for those at the back, WE ARE NATURE.

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