Liminality comes from the Latin word Limen meaning ‘threshold’, it denotes a state of flux and transition. The impetus for a shift towards a sustainable model for humanity leaves many businesses and organisations ‘standing at the threshold,’ The Liminality can help you get in the door!

The Liminality grew organically out of several side-projects which sprouted over a decade long career in sustainable finance.

I had given my time to schools, small businesses and community groups who were all looking for answers and direction on complex sustainability problems including renewable energy projects, avoiding single-use plastic, embedding sustainability in start-ups and eco-friendly parenting.

My decade in sustainable finance, researching and analysing listed and unlisted companies on their performance against environmental, social and governance issues, has given me a bird’s eye view of the structural change and effort required to shift towards sustainable ways of thinking and acting.

Combining these two threads of experience has allowed me to see the interplay between individual action and system change, far too much pressure is placed on individuals and consumers to be experts in environmental management and supply chains, and on the other side, many businesses jump towards greenwashed solutions without looking at the bigger picture.

It’s easy to think of ‘green’ stuff as something separate, something ‘over there’ to lump with ‘nature’ and carry on business as usual. The reality is that humanity is a part of nature, inextricably linked to the health of our planet and our connected futures. Confronting the issues requires a critical look not just at environmental practices but at organisational structure, empowering people and focusing on equity and justice.

In 2020, I also began an ambitious project to work on hyper-local climate action in my town of Cheltenham, Glos, in the knowledge that mutual aid and community based solutions are key to creating real lasting change.

Whatever the scope of your organisation, budget or vision, The Liminality can provide expert guidance to achieve meaningful behaviour change and radical system change.

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