The Only Way is Ethics.

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How we start conversations is important. I NEVER comment on other people’s choices when it comes to travel, food, clothing or packaging. If people’s first reaction is defensiveness that’s because they feel attacked. This is also about punching up not punching down, we’re not in the situation we’re in because Susan likes bacon or Nicky wanted a new dress. It’s a market failure not a moral failure. I’m not preaching or doing this because it’s ‘worthy’ or gives me the moral high ground, I’m just as messy and complicated as any other human being, I don’t have all the answers. So I’m not here to judge anyone’s individual choices influenced by their economic position, their faith, their disabilities, their culture, their gender or anything else. I’m not the eco/social police, I don’t care if you drive a diesel, forget to recycle or bought something to make yourself feel better. In the words of the inimitable Mary Heglar ‘stop obsessing over your environmental sins…all I need you to do is want a livable future’. And that is really what it boils down to. No shame here, just support and acknowledgement. However if you’re a business or organisation and you aren’t taking your environmental and social impact into account, prepare for the full wrath of my ‘insultancy’, which consists of a careful audit, helpful recommendations and accountability and support. Image is from the latest edition @thewindow_magazine

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